Tattoo Me Now – An unbiased review

Tattoo me now offers you a new way to choose your tattoo design, the site being a forum for ink lovers all over the globe. By becoming a member of the site you can browse thousands of designs for your next tattoo and simply download and print your favorite to take to your preferred artist. The site has a huge and ever-growing number of designs to choose from, catering for both men and women and both traditional as well as modern designs.

tattoo me now review

How it works

Tattoo me now is not just a place to choose your next design though; it is so much more. You can upload your own images and enter the forum where you can chat to others who are crazy about being inked. Getting a tattoo should never be a rush decision; and at tattoo me now you can rest assured that you will get only the very best design from the best artists worldwide.

In order to access designs or chat on the site forum, you must be a member. Membership will allow you to download and print an unlimited number of designs from the database, allowing you to choose your design on paper in front of you too and take a few along to your preferred artist where you can make your final decision. For first tattoos or consecutive inking, tattoo me now is the best place to search for your design.

Pros of tattoo me now

l The site offers far more than just some designs for your next tattoo who love tattoos so much they travel the world to catch a glimpse of the very latest designs

l By becoming a member you can comment on and upload your own designs, sharing your knowledge and thoughts with other members, old and new

l 38 different categories within the members gallery makes for easy browsing and you can save time by only searching the categories that are of specific interest to you

l Join discussions or post queries on your latest thoughts and designs, exchanging tips with other ink mad individuals. By joining in discussions you can get an insight in what it is like to not just have tattoos, but how to design them too

l Great site for getting inspiration for tattoo designs for both men and women, there being thousands to choose from and the number increasing every day. By being able to upload and share your designs, there are new designs on the site every day to choose from, so if at first you don’t find what you are looking for, you can keep coming back to the site or alternatively chat with forum members about the design you have in mind.

l Video section where you can upload or watch videos submitted by others as well as leaving your own comments. Videos can show you how to choose a design, or even how to make designs for your next inking.

Cons of tattoo me now

l Some categories such as tattoo news and events may be of little interest. This may be of little problem to you as you can simply skip over items and categories that are of no interest to you

l Not all the videos clips may be fully working at all times

l If you are experienced with tattoos and inking, you may find some of the information over simplified or basic. The site is for tattoo lovers, old and new and if you already have a large collection of designs or are an experienced artist then you may find little information that is of use to you.

I became a member of tattoo me now and can highly recommend it to ink lovers all over the world. Most especially for me as a beginner in the tattoo world, I found all sections informative and interesting, giving me a real insight into the world of tattoos.

In conclusion, whether you have no tattoos or already have one hundred, the site is a great way not just to find new designs, but to spread and share your knowledge with tattoo lovers all over the globe. I would strongly recommend tattoo me now to anyone who is looking for a new design; a site that brings tattoo lovers together from all over the world.

tattoo me now

Cool Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Have you ever wondered what the coolest tattoo designs are and how you can find them? It is so common to see people in search of cool tattoos. They search on Google and they post questions on Yahoo always looking for cool tattoos. So what is a cool tattoo and what should you get tattooed on your body permanently? Well you might not like the answer but what is cool is whatever you think is cool. Keep reading and let me explain in more detail

What Is Being Cool

The firs thing that you have to really look at when you ask yourself the question what is a cool tattoo design is what is cool in the first place. You see everyone descries what they think is cool in a different way. For some people a cool tattoo might be a lower back female design. For other a cool tattoo is a skull and crossbones. For the computer geeks in the crowd cool might be some code. You see when you start to dive into this question is really opens up a Pandora’s Box of what is cool.

Let Me Tell You What Cool Is

Okay so, let me close Pandora’s box once and for all and just end this whole debate of cool tattoo designs. What is cool is completely up to you and what you think. It is a state of mind that comes from being self assured and confident. Cool people are really no different than anyone else the only thing that sets them apart is their self confidence and the time and place. If you take someone that was cool back in the 1970’s and transplanted them to current time they would no longer fit in or be cool. So the best thing to do is be self assured and confident in who you are. Revel in your uniqueness and difference. You see after all that is really what tattoos are all about. Tattoos are a incredible form of self expression and showing the world a small piece of your inner workings or inner thoughts. If you are comfortable with who you are and what you think and like then you will end up getting a tattoo. For the mere fact that you like it!

What Is Not Cool

What is not cool and this will translate into tattoo designs also is not being confident and constantly worrying about what other people think. This will make you feel a lot of pressure and be in a since of panic. If you are in this state it shows to everyone around you and you will in no way carry yourself in a cool manner. So getting a tattoo design because it is a design someone told you was cool or your friends got the same thing will not make you cool. Copying what your favorite celebrity does will not make you feel cool. Instead spend some time doing some searching within you and find what is important to you and ways that you can express that through your tattoos. Sure you run the risk of no one understanding your designs or what you were going for but who cares you did it for yourself and no one else.

With all of that said I know that unfortunately there are still a few out there reading this saying in their minds and to themselves, “okay I get that so what is cool” and they might be wondering when is this guy just going to tell us what are the cool tattoo designs. So since you can’t beat them all the time and I know some people will never listen here are some of the top cool tattoo designs for men and cool tattoo designs for women listed below.

So there is a list of some cool tattoo designs. Feels like the article was sold out to the devil and I strongly believe the whole first part. Hopefully you read it and took it to heart. If you really want to get some tattoo design and you are not sure what to get then take some time. Think about what you want the tattoo to represent and then find a ton of great designs that feature things you like. It might be the colors or part of the design but print things you like. Take all of those designs and ideas in to your tattoo artist and tell him or her what you are trying to represent and show the work you like and then let them do their job and design your tattoo.

Here are some great resources and sites dedicated to bringing you top quality tattoo designs ideas and more. Tons of great galleries, videos and articles exploring the meaning and symbolism behind tattoos. YOu have to check out these great sites while they are still free. Nautical Star Tattoos, Pin Up Tattoos and RIP Cross Tattoos

The Best Four Lower Back Tattoo Designs Disclosed

When it comes to lower back tattoo designs, this could be difficult to make a choice. Recent statistics show that 1 in 5 women who have a tattoo have it on their lower back which supports a rise in ink in this location. With a few places on a woman’s body being considered sensual, it’s not hard to see why their becoming more popular.

If you were to list the two most popular areas for women to get tattoos it would be the neck and lower back. The main reason for this is the ease in which they can be hidden. When you’re at work in the office they can be effortlessly covered via a shirt. And on Friday night following your job they can be put on thorough display by way of most low cut jeans along with a restricted fitting high riding shirt.

Lower back tattoo designs come in a wide variety of styles, some of which are given below:

One) Dolphin Tattoos- Many females like these on the grounds that they’re really so darn cute. Butterfly tattoos come in a close second here.

Two) Flower Patterns- These are a widespread choice designed for females mainly on the lower back.

Three) Tribal Styles- These are the most typical. There can be a wide variety of tribal patterns ranging from Celtic to sun.

Four) Dragon Styles- You will locate these on most risqu? and adventurous girls.

A tattoo choice may be a hard one. It would be wise to mull over a few designs for a few days so you know you will make the right choice. When there are some doubts in your mind then step back for a few days and mull it over. Because tattoos are meant to be permanent, rushing into a decision is not a great idea. Tattoo removal can be pricey and become incredibly unpleasant.

Be sure to dress properly when going out to get your tattoo. This would likely entail free fitting garments that may help the tattoo artist to do work effortlessly. After you receive a lower back tattoo there are some points you need to consider. It is advisable that you wear clothes that are loose fitting during the healing process. This is important due to any scarring might result in an unfavorable appearing image.

A Brief Story On Polynesian Tattoo Design

I have been working on|writing a great article about the history of Tattoo. In doing so I have came across|found many different branches of tattoo history that have added to the current popularity of tattoos. I enjoy|like living in a time in witch tattoos have become more acknowledged and main stream. They still are shocking to some and radicle to other, but for the most part accepted.

Polynesian design has become veryin demand in the last two decades or so, but they got there start thousands of years ago. The Polynesian culture embraced tattoo as an art form. The Polynesian had no written word and used Polynesian tribal tattoo designs to translate many things including family, hierarchy and religion. Nearly everyone on ancient Polynesian Society has a Polynesian tattoo design. The placement and design held much importance. The tattooing it self was performed by the priest of the village who performed the task as a ritual that involved prayer as well.
Nearly everyone on ancient Polynesian Society has a Tattoo Design. The art form started separately by the Tonga and then then Samoa, more specifically with the Maori polynesian tattoo designs. The Tonga warriors used a sets of geometrical Polynesian tattoo designs patterns to adorn the themselves from the waist to the knees.

The tattoos were completed by the priest who, while creating the tattoo designs, performed strict rituals during the affair. Both Samoan men and woman received tattoos. The Polynesian tattoos design for woman were intricate flower-like patterns while the Polynesian tattoos designs for men were more dark and geometrical. In about 200 Ad the Tonga and the Samoan settled the Marquesas island, it was here we saw the most invloved Polynesian culture develop. This, of course, meant some of the most compelling/engaging and beautiful quadrangular figures in reference to the fact that Samoan tattoo designs do not include circular lines, although other Polynesian tattoo motifs do. Early Englishmen mispronounced the word tatau and borrowed it into popular usage as tattoo.

Members of the Cooks crew were the first Europeans to acquire Polynesian tattoos. The fad grew and Sailors of all kinds came home with there Polynesian tattoo designs from distant lands. Some learned the art of Polynesian designs and came home to Europe to open there own tattoo parlors. Although the Christian Missionary all but banned this ritual in the 1830’s the tatau has made a strong recovery in the Polynesian culture. The revival of the Polynesian design has bleed through to our culture. We find that many people seeking a strong memorable tattoo select a Polynesian Tattoo Design.

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Tattoos Implementing Native American Designs As Well As Their Origin.

Tribal chest tattoos, which are well liked for their styles, originated from Maori, Haida, Polynesian and even Native American models. What differentiates Tribal chest tattoos from other ones is its background of body decoration. Tribal chest tattoo discrimination what the other is the historical body decoration.

The Tribal chest symbolizes relationship shared between individuals in a group, family, social, etc.

Tattoos have turned native american designs into incredibly well-known assets in present day society, plus the interest in them is just continuing to develop. There are lots of several styles of tattoo flash to choose from or it is possible to pattern your own or have a tattoo artist style one of your ideas.

Tattoos are excellent for expressing your individuality the way that you want, and a wonderful way to get a hold of unique native american designs, Tattooing is really a way of permanently drawing on the skin with colors, generating an embodiment image for the skin.

Tattoos of Native American patterns is one from the most popular. While most men and women who usually don’t have direct info about tribal significance might basically choose a style which looks wonderful and appeals to them, traditional Native American artwork is by far the most regularly chosen in this category, as it symbolizes the Native American culture in general.

Color is significant to include meaning to a design, too. Most Native Americans named four points from the earth, the four directions from the compass–north, south, east, and west–and assigned a color to each and every just one particular. Color pattern in leaflet form.

The patterns in american indian clothing were also crucial. Usually Native Americans could possibly be discerned from a single tribe or just one much more simply by the clothing.

Native American sorts started out as a form of communication, with numerous different patterns that every have numerous meanings. These symbols could be seen on several things for example cave walls, carved into trees and totem poles, and even woven into blankets and rugs.

Decorate your tepee with some fantastic Native American styles, pre-cut varieties and shapes. Decorating a drum becomes a extremely personal task to the owner. The Indian drummer becomes an artist and communicates impressions of his inner feelings and beliefs in his Indian art.

And in wrapping up, drums match both form and purpose when 1 desires to build a feeling of house and soul. Warmth and friendliness have come to be the emphasis of this common décor with Indian drum tables, antler lamps and rawhide lamp shades leading the way. Drums in this manner turn out to become the actual vehicle to connect one’s spirit with that for the planet plus the Great Spirit through out the background of American Indians.

Chopper Tattoo- Get A Pattern That You Like

If you have got set to get a tattoo and you are searching for the correct design for yourself, you would like to create sure that you create the right selection, as a result of the planning will be there for life. Searching the correct style for you can be fun nonetheless stressing and difficult also.
Chopper tattoo may be a tattoo style web site which makes it easy for you to go looking the correct design for yourself with its design gallery comprising of regarding 4000 tattoo designs. The site claims to have the biggest design database on the net that is updated regularly.
When you have purchased the membership you’ll have several different categories to choose from within the membership area. The categories embody Tribal Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos, Cross Tattoos, Star Tattoos, Gothic Tattoos, Armband Tattoos and several a lot of categories.

The best feature of the positioning besides its spectacular assortment of designs is the ease of use of the members’ area of the website. It’s a really easy layout, and you do not should be a computer nerd to seek out your tattoo style quickly.

You can search as many styles as you want to and you’ll conjointly customize your search according to size, class and color. Once you’ve got selected your style you’ll be able to merely download it, print it and take it your tattoo artist.

If you are an aspiring tattoo artist yourself, then you’ll be able to increase your exposure as a result of there’s a piece of the location that enables you to submit your designs. The section on lettering will offer you a large number of ideas on totally different styles and lets you customise whatever concepts that you’ve got right on to your computer.

The site conjointly offers some bonuses; you can play games and download your favorite music while looking for a tattoo for you.

Chopper Tattoo memberships are priced reasonably. One amongst the things that you may like concerning Chopper Tattoo is its versatile membership choices. It offers 3 membership plans to settle on from per your need:

o one Month – $19.95
o 2 Months – $24.ninety five
o Lifetime – $34

Clearly if you are solely coming up with on obtaining one tattoo in your lifetime the 1 month membership makes sense. But for those individuals who are planning more tattoos in future and for tattoo freaks lifetime membership is recommended.

The location additionally offers a refund policy; if you are not happy with their services they provide you a full refund.

But some members have criticized that the tattoo category pages have huge horizontal banner ads on each side of it, which you do not expect on a membership site but this may not be a difficulty for everyone.

In brief if you are trying for a tattoo that suits you Chopper tattoo can help you plenty in a terribly cheap cost compared to other such sites and therefore the flexible membership plans conjointly build it suitable for each sort of users.