Why only a perfect resume will suffice in todays job market.

In order to land a job nowadays you need to create a perfect resume. The economy is currently very weak, and in many cases a great many people will apply to a given vacancy. If over 200 people come in with great resumes, you need a perfect resume to really stand out of the crowd.
How then, do you write a resume? Obviously this has been the topic of a lot of research. We can give you some nice recommendations here on writing a killer resume.

perfect resume
With the rise of the internet a great deal of new opportunies arise to create awesome online resumes. A simple google search for ‘perfect resume’ or ‘creative resume’ will yield you all the results that you might want. Also be sure to check out Wikipedia for options.
I think there is one ‘key’ to writing great cv’s that actually get read: you need to clearly differentiate yourself in a matter of seconds. It takes a recruiter 6 seconds to decide whether or not you pass the first test. This means that the design of the resume alone is very important. The best source that we have found on the internet is clearly http://www.rasumo.com/. Be sure to check out this site, and let us know what you think!